Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect Matthew 1:1-25 Rev. Robert P. Hoch, Ph.D. Gabriel, our five-year-old, drew a picture of a boat on an ocean – it’s less realist and more impressionist. A collage, really, of paper squares and rectangles of different colors glued onto a green background of construction paper. No clean, unambiguous lines. If you were to […]

The Art of the Deal

Ruth 4:1-22 Rev. Robert Hoch, Ph.D. First and Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD July 24, 2016 If we find gospel in today’s text, I suspect it will have something do with real estate. Not ordinarily where we expect to find gospel on a Sunday morning. Maybe when we think gospel, we think of Jesus holding […]

What Happens in Vegas. . .

  Ruth 3:1-18 Robert P. Hoch First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore, Maryland July 17, 2016   The stakes of Naomi’s match-making gamble are high … some would say too high to seriously entertain. It’s certainly risky, if not for Naomi (who doesn’t seem to have much to lose) then surely for Ruth. What could […]

By Chance It Happened

  Ruth 1:22b – 2:23 It happened by chance. A literal, wooden translation of the text says that Ruth’s chance chanced upon the field belonging to Boaz (Jeremy Schipper, Ruth: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary in The Anchor Yale Bible (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016), 117). Ruth, finding herself a stranger in […]

Faith, Interrupted

Ruth 1:1-22b July 3, 2016   Ruth’s narrator paints a picture that looks almost like a biblical version of the American dream – except for some ominous details that surface along the way. Naomi, her name means Sweetness of the Lord, marries Elimelech, whose name means, God Reigns. Lovely couple. So much promise. Her cheeks […]

From the Communion Prayer (July 3, 2016)

God of grace, remember those who grieve this day, who drink from the cup of tears and eat the bread of bitterness. Grant them relief from sorrow and joy where once only sadness was known. God of mercy, remember those who thirst and hunger this day. Be unto your people a strong foundation, a welcoming table, […]