Clouds in the Forecast

Matthew 17:1-9 Transfiguration Sunday Robert Hoch First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD February 26, 2017 Matthew tells us that this took place six days later – six days later meaning that this was the seventh day, the day when the Lord rested from the creation. And this comes after Jesus’ finishes telling the disciples […]

We Interrupt This Program

Matthew 5:21-37 Robert Hoch First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD February 12, 2017 When I looked at today’s text, the way Jesus juxtaposes “what has been written” and “but I say to you”, I was reminded of the warning that you occasionally hear on radio or television – usually preceded by a rude series […]

You Will Not Have My Hate

Matthew 5:38-48 Robert Hoch February 21, 2017 First & Franklin Presbyterian Church We continue this morning with the antitheses of Jesus: “You have heard that it was said, but I say to you. . . .” It might be better to call them hyper-theses because they are not so much in contrast to the law, […]

From the Pastor’s Desk

A New Bike February 2017 Gabriel, our six-year-old outgrew his old bike.  Iris will probably inherit it, freshly equipped with training wheels, but Gabriel needed a bike.  When I found a used bicycle in good condition, we stopped by a shop not far from our house and let him try it out.  It was love […]

You Gotta Be Blessin’ Me

Rev. Robert Hoch, Ph.D. First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD January 29, 2017 Micah 6:1-8 Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus begins his sermon in a hard place, but you may not have heard it given all the talk about blessings. I find it’s a distracting word – like for example, “Bless your heart!”  That’s southern for, […]