Rest Area Ahead

Rest Area Ahead John 4:5-42 First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD March 19, 2017 Jesus thirsts. So, he pulls off the biblical interstate to a rest area –Jacob’s Well — it’s a bit dodgy perhaps. Or it’s just a typical rest area. Named after some worthy, dead now for at least fifty years. Wi-fi […]

Stirrings in the Night

Stirrings in the Night John 3:1-16 First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore MD March 12, 2017 John gives us no indication of the specific reason for Nicodemus’ midnight visit with Jesus. Maybe Nicodemus was protecting his street reputation – he’s a chief rabbi, a senior spokesperson for the religious establishment – he’s watching his back. […]

Finding Water

Finding Water  Robert Hoch Matthew 4:1-11 First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Baltimore, MD First Sunday of Lent March 5, 2017   When Jesus meets the tempter, the devil, the diablo, or Satan – he goes by a lot of names but we recognize him all the same — Jesus has been forty days and forty […]